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BATS, between Myth and Reality

The exhibition BATS, between Myth and Reality emerges as an initiative of the Jade Museum and of pre-Columbian Culture, Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) and the Bats Conservation Programs of Costa Rica (PCMCR) and Mexico (PCMM). Their objective is generating understanding of the benefits provided by bats to nature and the human population in general.

Bats are exceptional animals in nature. It is the only flying mammal; it perches or hangs from its feet; lives in colonies and has nocturnal habits. These characteristics have encouraged its presence in myths and legends, depicted both negatively as positively, since pre-Columbian times until today.

Bats symbolism on Pre-Hispanic societies stands out on the realistic and stylized representations of the mammal, portrayed in archaeological pieces and images.

This exhibition is framed by Corporative Sustainability Policies, focused on the culture of prevention, mitigation and adjustment to climate change; as well as environmental protection and conservation, promoted by the Instituto Nacional de Seguros.