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When accessing the Web Site located at the address (hereafter, the "Web Site"), which is owned by the Museum of Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros, (hereafter "Museum"), domiciled in San José, Costa Rica and/or any pages accessed through the site, the user is committed to follow and comply with the Terms and Conditions set out below (hereafter the "Terms and Conditions").

In case the user does not agree with the Terms and Conditions he/she is asked to refrain from using the Web Site. These Terms and Conditions, as well as the Web Site’s contents, design and organization may be reviewed and/or modified at any time. In case of review or modification of the Terms and Conditions, its new wording shall be immediately published and accessible at the Web Site, and from that time on applicable. To be correctly informed of the Terms and Conditions that may be applicable at any moment, the user must regularly review the mentioned terms. Use of the Web Site, including access by the users and browsing through it, is open and free and implies compliance to the present Terms and Conditions, to the Costa Rican legislation and to the good customs and uses generally accepted in the field of Internet.

The present Terms and Conditions are applicable to all users using the Web Site However, in case of new sections being included in the Web Site in the future rendering specific services, the Museum could include the specific Terms and Conditions in this document, applicable to said sections, either taking priority over the present Terms and Conditions, or complementing them.

Exclusion of Liability

The information provided in the Web Site is solely as illustration and orientation as well as of an educational character. The contents included in the Web Site are created by the Museum with their own information. Similarly the Museum does not guarantee the usefulness of its Web Site or services for any particular activity; thus, access to the Web Site and use of its contents is under the sole responsibility of the user.


Any hyperlink to other web sites in the Museum’s Web Site, its contents not being edited, controlled, maintained or supervised by the same, does not generate any type of liability to the Museum before the users. The content of these web sites is responsibility of the respective owners, and the Museum does not guarantee or approve of said contents. Those users desiring to establish hyperlinks to the Museum’s Web Site shall abstain from making false, inexact or incorrect references about the Web Site or its contents. Under no circumstance shall any statement be made or implied that the Museum authorizes the hyperlink or, that it supervises, approves or assumes in any way the contents or services offered or made accessible by the web page establishing a hyperlink to the Web Site. Establishment of the hyperlink in no way implies the existence of any relationship between the Museum and the web page’s owner if the same can be established. No hyperlinks in the Web Site can be established to web pages including illegal or immoral information or contents, or contrary to the good customs, to the public order, or to accepted uses in the Internet or in any other way infringing rights of third parties. Hyperlinks that establish links to the Web Site from other web pages while respecting the above mentioned requirements, will allow access to the Web Site but not the reproduction of its contents in any way, and forego in any event the use of “browsers” or “border environments.”

Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the designs, brands, names, denominations, images, logos, graphs, icons, domain names, applications, self-running code sequences and any other Web Site contents belong to the Museum or, if there is a license for its use, profit accordingly from the protection inherent in the intellectual and industrial rights over the property. All intellectual property right and copyright of the contents of this Web Site are reserved to the Museum and its licensors and in no case does access to the Web Site imply abandonment by the Museum in any way of such rights in favor of the user. The Web Site’s users can make private use of the web site and its contents. In no case can they make commercial use of the same, alter them in any way, reproduce them beyond private use, or distribute or communicate them publicly. Any copy or unauthorized use of the design or contents expressly different to the one allowed by INS, in its character as owner of the intellectual property rights, shall affect the rights of the referred owner in conformity to the international treaties and the applicable and current regulations in Costa Rica. Use of the Web Site’s contents is strictly forbidden with any purpose or in any way, different to the one allowed by the Museum in the present Terms and Conditions. In case the users wish to use the brands, names, logos or any other distinctive signs, with the aim of identifying the hyperlinks established in other web sites to the Museum’s Web Site, they may request the necessary authorization through the electronic address

Use of the email

The user may use the email address , to contact the Museum, for the ends mentioned under the present Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. It is the Museum’s desire to attend the emails received promptly. It thus guarantees making the best effort to reply, yet the Museum can’t guarantee functioning of the email since both reception and forwarding of the same are beyond its control. All information received via mail from the Web Site’s users shall be treated according to what’s established in the Privacy Policy.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Legislation

All controversies or conflicts that may arise as a consequence of use of the Web Site shall be resolved according to the valid legislation in Costa Rica, submitting to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of the Republic, expressly renouncing to any other power or jurisdiction that may correspond under the Law.

Security and Privacy Policies

The data entered by the user in the Museum’s Web Site may not be provided to or used by third parties outside the Institution, or for ends other than the ones stated.