Jade pendant representing a masked person
The Building: one more piece of the Museum’s collection, milestone of pre-Columbian culture
Discover the mystery of the night and the enigma surrounding the cultural beliefs of our forefathers
Relive the cultural and ecological scenario where the societies that elaborated jade where developed
Museographic distribution of the room “The Jade”
Pottery vessel Polychrome jaguar-shaped


Acopio Acopio
El dia el dia
El Jade El Jade
La Memoria La Memoria
La Noche La Noche


Visitas Guiadas

Guided Visits

The Jade Museum and of pre-Columbian Culture has in its educative offers to schools, high schools and universities guided visits with specialists, escort and Museum voluntaries. These ones need to be previously coordinated with the Education Department. For further information contacts to museodeljade@ins-cr.com and coordinate your visit. SEE MORE +

Visitas Guiadas